🌿 About Interlace.art as a digital garden : a growing website

I’m trying to build this website in the manner of the digital garden philosophy (as described by Maggie Appleton here). In the manner of a small garden or forest, this website will slowly evolve and thrive. The pages will grow as I try to define interlace art like roots would. As would the mushroom weave a mycelium network under the ground, I’ll try to weave a web of knowledge between all the subjects that are linked to interlacing patterns and all forms of knotworking in art.

Some pages will be short and feel like they need more work : 🌱 shoots.
Other pages will have been a bit more researched and cleaned up : 🌿 branches.
And finally full fledged articles or pages where I expanded about a question, artist or work : 🌳 trees.

But why ?

Conventional website building is made in a hierarchical and linear manner while a digital garden is more organic in its way of building complexity over time. As I’m trying to explore interlaces and knotworks here, it would feel like a missed opportunity to not build the website as a constant evolving web of research and art sharing, as if it was an interlace of information on that amazing subject, adding more strands as we go on that journey together.

Also, it allows me to share more easily and you not to feel frustrated for the lack of content. Next time you come by, pages would have expanded and new art will be here for you to explore.

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