« Interlaces » by Eric Duyckaerts

« I’ve been fascinated by interlaces since a very young age: knitting, basketry, sailor’s knots, macramé, weaving… arouse my curiosity like magick tricks or mathematical problems. Human ingenuity manifested itself in the interlaces in a perfectly anonymous way until very recently.

Interlaces merge art and craftsmanship without bounding solution: one can go from Da Vinci and Dürer to mind bending tricks of passementerie. Like many of those who dived into interlaces through Lacan-Soury, I have called borromeans interlaces or chains where all the loops are free if you cut just one of them. Today, I call borromeans such knots if they only have three strands, and brunnians when they have more (from Hermann Brunn, german mathematician, 1862-1939). »

Éric Duyckaerts (belgian artist, 1953 – 2019)