Celtic Knotwork

The Celtic Knotwork or celtic knots is one form of the interlace. Its shapes can be found in many places and arts: manuscripts, tattoos, architecture, leatherwork, etc.

It can be recognized with its inter-looping braids and strands, very often linked in close loops. Sometimes taking the shape of animals.

The term celtic knot is heavily linked to the Irish and Celtic cultures on the Atlantic coasts of Europe but are very similar to other forms of interlaces and knot patterns, among which some other interlaced arts share the same history and origin, in a different culture. It’s for example the case for the knots visible in coptic manuscripts.

It’s mainly visible in the art of ancient celts and in insular illumination from the early medieval era Irish monks and their disciples.

It has evolved in hundreds of years of manuscript illumination and architecture and inspires today artists around the world to create unique art.

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