Vitor Gonzalez

I discovered Vitor Gonzalez in spring 2022 thanks to his recent works on musicians and it was a great discovery. In some celtic knots he creates, he mixes almost-cartoon-like illustration of musicians with great interlaces, inspired both by celtic and norse knotworks.

Sometimes, like with the hurdy gurdy player, he uses the interlace as a frame and in other cases the character merges with the knots, like this flute player:

Finally Vitor also created some really great illustrations in a more “traditional” inspired style like this spiral of bagpipes players and this harpist:

Go dig into his profile for more!

Here are some other amazing works from Vitor Gonzalez:

“… un soldat marche dans les bois quand il tombe soudain sur un vieil homme mourant…”

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